LMU Chair in Philosophy & Political Theory

The Chair in Philosophy and Political Theory (Lehrstuhl IV für Philosophie und politische Theorie) at LMU has a long-standing tradition of excellent teaching and research. The newly appointed Professor, Laura Valentini, wishes to build on that tradition and create an intellectually vibrant environment where members of the Chair have plenty of opportunities for independent and collaborative research, for participating in and organizing international workshops and colloquia, and for establishing collaborations with other leading universities in Germany and abroad.

In this context, the Chair is seeking to appoint up to three postdocs/temporary assistant professors (initially for 3 years, renewable for another 3), who will become core members of the Chair, and will help shape its intellectual identity. Professor Valentini is looking for candidates whose work falls within the areas of moral, legal, political, and social philosophy (and/or the overlap between them).

Details about the openings for the aforementioned positions, with a call for applications, are available here. The closing date is April 19, 2021.

[For those unfamiliar with the German system, a “chair” in Germany is a relatively independent unit, which operates like a mini-department, in the context of a broader faculty. When a new professor takes up a chair, the chair is typically also restaffed (while, of course, honouring the contracts of those members whose employment hasn't expired yet!).]

The faculty of philosophy at LMU Munich can boast expertise in a wide range of areas: from metaphysics and philosophy of mind to history of philosophy, from logic and decision theory to Arabic philosophy, from ethics to philosophy of science, and several more. Details about the faculty can be found here. Of particular interest to candidates for this post are the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy” (MCMP)—one of the world’s leading centres for formal methods applied to different areas of philosophy, including normative areas of philosophy—and the Munich Ethics Center, which hosts international events in the area of practical philosophy. More broadly, the LMU is involved in several strategic partnerships with other leading universities, such as Cambridge, NYU, and the University of California, Berkeley among others. For further information about LMU's international networks, please click here.