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Justice in a Globalized World: A Normative Framework (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).

Morality and Socially Constructed Norms (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023).

Awarded the 2019 Montreal (GRIPP) Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award.

Journal articles

'Rethinking Moral Claim Rights', Journal of Political Philosophy, forthcoming.

'On Public-identity Disempowerment', Journal of Political Philosophy, 30 (4) (2022), 462-486.

‘Respect for Persons and the Moral Force of Socially Constructed Norms’, Noûs, 55 (2) (2021), 385-408.

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‘Dignity and Human Rights: A Reconceptualization’, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 37 (4) (2017), 862-885.

‘Proxy Battles in Just War Theory: Jus in Bello, the Site of Justice, and Feasibility Constraints’ (with Seth Lazar), Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, 3 (2017), 166-96.

‘What’s Wrong with Being Lonely? Justice, Beneficence, and Meaningful Relationships’, Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume, 90 (1) (2016), 49-69.

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Reprinted in Barry and Lawford-Smith (eds), Global Justice (Ashgate, 2013).

‘On the Apparent Paradox of Ideal Theory’, Journal of Political Philosophy, 17 (3) (2009), 332-55. 

Reply by Holly Lawford-Smith in Journal of Political Philosophy, 18 (3) (2010), 357-68.

‘On the Meta-Ethical Status of Constructivism: Reflections on G.A. Cohen’s “Facts and Principles”’ (with Miriam Ronzoni), Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 7 (4) (2008), 403-22.

Symposia contributions / critical notices

‘Interactive Justice, the Boundary Problem, and Proportionality’ (symposium contribution on Emanuela Ceva’s Interactive Justice), Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 22 (4) (2019), 466-472.

‘Arguing for Assistance-Based Responsibilities: Are Intuitions Enough?’ (symposium contribution on Barry and Øverland’s book Responding to Global Poverty), Ethics & Global Politics, 12 (1) (2019), 24-31.

‘On the Value of Constitutions and Judicial Review’ (article-length symposium contribution on Alon Harel’s Why Law Matters), Criminal Law and Philosophy, 11 (4) (2017), 817-32. 

‘On the Justification of Basic Rights’ (critical commentary on Rainer Forst’s work on basic rights), Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, 45 (3) (2016), 52-63.

‘Two Pictures of the Global-justice Debate: A Reply to Tan’ (response to a critical discussion of my work), Law, Ethics and Philosophy, 2 (2014), 219-26. 

‘Human Rights and Discourse Theory: Some Critical Remarks’ (symposium contribution on Seyla Benhabib’s Dignity in Adversity) in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 17 (6) (2014), 674-680.

‘Kant, Ripstein, and the Circle of Freedom: A Critical Note’ (symposium contribution on Arthur Ripstein’s Force and Freedom), European Journal of Philosophy, 20 (3) (2012), 450-59.

Chapters in edited volumes

‘Who Should Decide? Beyond the Democratic Boundary Problem’, in Archon Fung & Sean W. D. Gray (eds), Empowering All-Affected Interests: Foundations for Twenty-First Century Democracy? (New York: Cambridge University Press), in production.

‘On the Role of the Original Position in Rawls’s Theory: Reassessing the “Idealization” and “Fact-sensitivity” Critiques’, in Paul Weithman (ed.), Rawls’s Theory of Justice at 50 (New York: Cambridge University Press), in production.

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Book reviews

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